Visionthe ability to see, the ability to plan the future through experience and wisdom.

Representativeelected, chosen to act and speak on behalf of a wider group.

“Simply, my vision is to represent the citizens and business interests of Eastern Clay County in all matters locally. My focus will be on you and what’s best for the community. I’m not for big government, the special interests or anyone who wants to propose measures that would harm our citizens or our community. I will be transparent and have an active presence to my community.”

– Tom Gorenc

I pledge to …

  • Stay informed of issues affecting our community
  • Take a common sense approach
  • Promote and advocate for the Eastern Clay County residents
  • Represent the people and families of Eastern Clay County, not the large corporate donors
  • Strive to solve the issues/problems that may impact our county
  • Make myself and staff available to residents
  • Be responsive to calls, requests, concerns and suggestions
  • Be transparent while serving you
  • Respect the rights, beliefs and opinions of all citizens
  • Push for allowing local communities some control over their own affairs
  • Be diligent in exploring and implementing growth opportunities within our communities
  • Be conservative with county monies
  • Support local teachers and schools with demonstrated needs
  • Support local and franchise business owners interests and needs
  • Support all local police and fire departments
  • Help to encourage community policing by residents