As a U.S. citizen, it is your responsibility to vote and choose who governs and represents you. To not vote places your future in the hands of other people who may choose a bad candidate. Please vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6th.

Meet Tom Gorenc

  • Democratic Candidate for Missouri State Representative, District 16
  • Board Member, Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund
  • Board Member, Chronic Nuisance Board
  • Kansas City Neighborhood Advisory Council Member
  • Member, The Kansas City Alcoholic Beverage Advisory Group
  • Small Business Owner

Please visit my Facebook Page of daily updates and learn more about where I stand on issues and why I'm the "WE THE PEOPLE" candidate. Thank you - Tom

tom gorenc state rep

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I'm interested in your thoughts, concerns and goals that will need to be expressed in Jefferson City. I want to hear personally from you. Teamwork can accomplish great results. I will represent your voice in Jefferson City.

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